Matt Buckingham

Meet the Author - Matt Buckingham

After completing his degree at Loughborough and his MA in Illustration (authorial Practice) at Falmouth, Matt Buckingham moved to London to pursue his career as an author and illustrator. He now lives in the Cheshire countryside with his wife, two children and their two naughty dogs.

He enjoys working in inks and watercolour and has created some charming characters in pre-school novelty books such as Peek-a-boo Penguins, Where Whale Went and The Best Nest.

Little Tiger Press have taken a real shine to Matt’s colourful, friendly style and his recent picture book with them, Bright Stanley, was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award in 2007 and has been extremely popular with publishers worldwide. The sequel, Bright Stanley and the Cave Monster, is another action-packed adventure with a bright, shimmery finish throughout, and a sparkly surprise ending!

Matt has also worked on a series of non-fiction books for Wayland publishing; who quickly recognized his potential to make historical non-fiction captivating and fun. The Gruesome Truths series retells the grizzly histories of the Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, Egyptians, Vikings, Victorians, Tudors and Middle Ages, transforming history lessons into something hilarious and terrifying!

In addition to his illustration for children’s publishing Matt has worked with a wide variety of clients including the BBC and MENCAP; he is excellent at solving creative problems for challenging and sensitive subject matter.

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